Sustained Growth and Environment

It is to be admitted that growth or development and protection of environment are contradictory by birth. Industrial growth and related activities make their own impact on environment. So attaining a judicious equilibrium among society, economy and environment will be the most pragmatic solution. In 1987 the United Nations Brundtland Report, which is also known as “Our Common Future ” defined sustainable development as a process that fulfils the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. (Gro Harlem Brundtland was appointed by Javier Perez de Cuellar, former Secretary General of the United Nations in December 1983, as a result of the realization that there was serious deterioration of environment and natural resources). It is undeniable that from the time when human beings started thinking and acting as they are supreme, devastation of environment became rapid.

Now, nations and people all over the world came to understand that turning a blind eye to these mindless activities would be suicidal. Elder people remind us of a practice prevalent till not very long ago – that if someone has to fell a tree for the construction of his house or for some unavoidable reason, he prays to the tree itself for pardon. Then he requests for permission from the birds and other living creatures dwelling on that tree and finally begs for pardon to Mother Earth because, the tree falls on her. Before flatly rejecting this as meaningless ritual we should try to understand the message it gives. This is the sign of compassion and reveals the importance of peaceful coexistence.

This makes it clear that we, humans are a mere ring in the chain of the ecosystem and we are bound to protect and preserve the earth for future generations. If this becomes our motto, sustained growth with minimum environmental damage will be not so difficult.

Author : K Neeni

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