Let us Talk About Tobacco

This topic is just like suggesting the people to use helmets while riding a bike. People know that wearing a helmet will keep them safe during accidents but people are reluctant to wear it. People started wearing it, when government started collecting fine from those who don’t wear helmet while riding. Just like that people know tobacco will kill them some day but they still use it. So I believe it is time for the government to take steps to stop it completely as it is killing our valuable citizens.

We have large displays of warning on the tobacco products with the pictures of the effects of the long-term use still we don’t see any decline in the usage of tobacco products. We can see the companies producing tobacco products are getting richer day by day. The government has taken steps to display gore pictures of the after-effects of the tobacco users along with health warnings but it has no effect at all. The government has also taken steps to increase the taxes on tobacco but has no effect on its sales.

It is time for the government to take steps to ban tobacco products. It is not giving any good thing to the world but it is destroying the future of young people thus destroying the future of a country. Tobacco products are causing cancer and other very serious deceases due to which people are losing their life and money. According to a research, people using tobacco are young generation who are from poor background and those people are supposed to be the life line for a family. So I would strongly recommend the government to take stern steps to ban them.

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