Equilibrium of Development

Development is a keyword used very often nowadays. All — nation, state, region, locality, society, institutions, organizations — are in pursuit of development. At the same time, it is not at all an exaggeration to tell that occasions are not less when this word itself becomes a riddle.

A glance into the dictionary gives the synonyms of development as evolution, growth, maturity, enlargement, expansion, progress, success etc. An event constituting a new stage in a changing situation is another explanation for development. Biologically, development is the process of growing maturity.

Depending upon the context, the explanations and indices may vary as in child development and human development. Let us leave all those statistical jargons and scholarly explanations to have a glance on development in a smaller angle, that is, in our surroundings.

Even the narrow lanes in villages have been concreted and roads are tarred. With superfast vehicles highways and railways make travelling less time consuming. Airports and flight services are becoming more popular.    Skyscrapers, Palatial buildings, shopping complexes, malls, star hotels, super specialty hospitals, high class educational institutions stand as milestones in the path of development.  As if to keep pace with the speed of development the shape and structure of houses and flats have undergone inexplicable metamorphosis.

Hills are vanishing within days and paddy fields are becoming plain lands.  Wet lands are also disappearing.  Excavators and such huge machines popularly known by the brand name J C B are not strange even in remote areas.  Stone crushing and sand mining are developing rapidly.

It is true that we must sacrifice so many things for development.  But the balanced state of ecology, environment and development should not be broken.  Any type of destruction exceeding the limit affecting the environment    will be with disastrous consequences not only for the present generation but also for the generations yet to come.

The fact is that most of the advanced facilities including hospitals are inaccessible   to layman.  Another pertinent point is that multiplying number of hospitals does not reflect the health of the society.  Food, shelter, healthcare and education at affordable price and employment opportunities to the deserving may be a true index of development and a sign of healthy and happy society.


Author: K Neeni

Is your Region Affecting your Success ?

Many people think regions affect successful persons. What is your opinion about native regions
and accomplished person influence on the regions they belong to.

Even though there are many individuals who made history despite the region they belong to, for most of the individuals the regions they belong to usually influence their success. When we compare different countries of various regions we can see that they have different meanings of success and the most successful person meant to be a person who made his mark in the history in a good way.

Let us consider the western region of the world. We can see more people who made history in the field of technology and science, because those countries have resources for food and they are politically stable so the people can concentrate on the scientific experiments and technology advancements. On the other side of the world, the story is totally different as they are politically not stable and people are using their individual potential to fulfill their basic needs, so sadly, they are considered less successful.

When we measure the success in terms quality of life, we need to consider a few attributes of life which can be measured up with different regions. The attributes are social security, quality of food and clothing, quality of air and quality of shelter. When we measure these attributes, again we will get the results that success is actually according to the region where people live.
To sum up, in some regions people are advanced technically, to take the head count for their next trip to Mars and in the other regions, people are still fighting for their freedom and for the basic needs. This actually proves that behind every successful individual the region really plays an integral role.

Let us Talk About Tobacco

This topic is just like suggesting the people to use helmets while riding a bike. People know that wearing a helmet will keep them safe during accidents but people are reluctant to wear it. People started wearing it, when government started collecting fine from those who don’t wear helmet while riding. Just like that people know tobacco will kill them some day but they still use it. So I believe it is time for the government to take steps to stop it completely as it is killing our valuable citizens.

We have large displays of warning on the tobacco products with the pictures of the effects of the long-term use still we don’t see any decline in the usage of tobacco products. We can see the companies producing tobacco products are getting richer day by day. The government has taken steps to display gore pictures of the after-effects of the tobacco users along with health warnings but it has no effect at all. The government has also taken steps to increase the taxes on tobacco but has no effect on its sales.

It is time for the government to take steps to ban tobacco products. It is not giving any good thing to the world but it is destroying the future of young people thus destroying the future of a country. Tobacco products are causing cancer and other very serious deceases due to which people are losing their life and money. According to a research, people using tobacco are young generation who are from poor background and those people are supposed to be the life line for a family. So I would strongly recommend the government to take stern steps to ban them.